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Arthur Enz, MBA Student
My MBA Adventure Begins at St. Gallen
Magic has started to operate. To be continued…
Navigating the MBA Experience: Insights & Reflections
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Setting the Stage for Success: Week One at St. Gallen's PT MBA 2025
I open my MBA Notebook and review my notes, bringing back the faces, smiles, dialogues, thoughts, and feelings from those moments. I try to relive each moment.
Back to School, But Different: Embracing a Journey of Thought and Transformation
It feels good to be back to school, but this time learning how to think in order to find solutions by leveraging insights and appropriate tools
Lisa Christine
Setting Sail: The Start of My Two-Year MBA Journey at HSG
The first week has proved that the MBA program is enriching my personal growth. I am filled with curiosity and eagerly anticipate continuing this academic journey with the PT MBA 2025 cohort.
Embarking on an Enlightening Journey: My First Impressions at the University of Saint Gallen MBA
I look forward to the next classes and cannot wait to create bonds with my cohort. I feel the next two years will be full of opportunities and achievements. And I like it.
People listening to a presentation at HSG
Not an entrepreneurship MBA, but an MBA that can prepare you for entrepreneurship
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St Gallen
10 Things to Know About Finding Housing in St. Gallen
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MArva Harmann
St. Gallen MBA Chronicles: A Week of Camaraderie, Ambition, and New Beginnings
The atmosphere within the class was invigorating. The campus environment provided an extra boost of energy, and it was evident that this sentiment resonated with my classmates as well. The MBA team's understanding, warmth, and welcoming nature create an environment where you feel instantly appreciated and cared for.
More Than Learning: My Transformative First Week at St. Gallen's MBA Program
Just a week ago, my primary goal for the MBA was to add a prestigious degree to my resume. Now, I realise how mistaken I was. Today, my honest answer to what I hope to gain from this MBA is to evolve into a better leader and person, forge lifelong friendships, and relish every moment of this incredible journey.