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Markus Winterholer
The future is in the Cloud. It’s where the biggest talent gap is.
Career Tip 1: The future is in the Cloud.
Woman at graduation
The Power Of Action: The Full Time MBA Charity Project
"We can make a huge difference with the right mindset and the right team"
Non-fungible tokens play a central role in Patrick’s and Johannes' Business Plan Project
“Our solution offers a way for museums to enter the art NFT field within the context of a marketplace.”
Kar Prateek
Doing a Corporate Project with Mettler Toledo was the final piece in making the most out of the MBA experience.
“I was eager to learn more about the big picture. Looking back, I see a lot of value in the tools I have amassed. In fact, I’ve already applied one of the frameworks in my corporate project, and the team has really welcomed the initiative!”
Silvia Candido
The St.Gallen and Imperial College London experience combined opened so many new horizons for me.
"It became clear that there were sizable gaps in my comprehension of topics like finance and economics. Being in the part-time MBA programme allowed me to experience filling these gaps in 'real-time'. Like when my department went through a transformation, and I was able to align my value proposition to new objectives, using concepts that I'd learned in the first year of the programme,".
Judit Walls
We teach the skills MBAs need to tackle sustainability issues.
We have 7.5 years to cut our global emissions in half. It’s a slap in the face for many [Ed.: “Ouch!”], but my mission is not to create fear and helplessness. Instead, I focus on pinpointing solutions. We have them. We just need to dedicate ourselves to implementing them.”
An image of Ilona Dürler
Humans above technology.
It’s about putting people at the centre to understand their goals and using technology to achieve them.
Ruigrok Winfried
Corporate governance: key to promoting ethical business alongside financial performance
Thanks to Winfried’s vast network, students will be treated to an array of high-profile guest speakers from Switzerland’s top companies, sharing insights on how they work, the lessons they’ve learned, and the challenges they face!
Sin Ee Lee
Keep going, follow meaningful opportunities.
Spending time in Singapore was just one way in which Sin Ee took the opportunity to rediscover this region.
Prof. Binswanger Johannes
Machine Learning & AI? It’s about understanding what data can and cannot do.
What is machine learning and AI? What can it and can't it do? Learn more from Prof. Johannes Binswanger.