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The future of the MBA in the time of Covid-19
Ewa Maciejewski, Vice Director and Head of Careers, Corporates and Strategic Projects, features alongside industry colleagues from University of California, Berkeley, University of Southern California and London Business School.
What are your most memorable experiences in the programme so far?
We recently asked our current MBAs: What are your most memorable experiences in the programme so far?
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Building trust and strengthening relationships via the Pandemic
Two of our MBA team members reflect on how the pandemic created opportunities to evolve and improve the programme
Tim Vollrath, Part-time Class of 2022
“A solid technical education and a solid business education makes great sense; I quite like this translation between really understanding people on the technical side, but still connecting to economics.” Tim Vollrath, Part-time Class of 2022, shares some mid-programme reflections with MBATube.
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Corporate Project, Research Project or Business Plan?
During the last 3 months of our Full-time MBA, participants have the ability to create a Corporate Project, Research Project or Business Plan. The dilemma for many is how to choose.
Katia Lang portrait
Katia Lang, CEO of The Fintech Times
We recently met with Class of 2014 alumna Katia Lang to learn more about her journey as an entrepreneur. Katia is Founder and CEO of London-based publication The Fintech Times.
Andrew Dalik presenting at INSEAD GMAC 2019
GMAC European Conference 2019
Andrew Dalik, Strategic Brand Projects Senior Manager, presented a plenary session with Stéphane Schenk, Marketing Project Manager at OMEGA. The session: “Applying Lessons from a Luxury Goods Company to Graduate Management Education (GME)”.
Cansu Kandemir portrait
Cansu Kandemir, Musician
We recently met with Class of 2018 alumna Cansu Kandemir to learn about her life as a musician - which includes turning down a record deal from a major label in order to focus on bioengineering studies. Her current musical output happens alongside being employed full-time in Basel’s pharmaceutical industry.