Finance Your MBA

Pursuing an MBA is a lifetime investment in yourself and in your future. It is therefore important to make a well-considered decision and crucial to plan your finances carefully. The finance department of the University of St.Gallen MBA is happy to assist you in planning your finances. The following information is designed to give you an overview on fees, discounts and financial aid. More detailed information will be available if you receive an offer.

Fees and Payment Terms
2024 Intake Tuition FeeCHF 75,000
  • An additional application fee of CHF 100 is payable during the online application process.
  • To secure your seat, once you have accepted an offer, you must pay an enrolment fee of CHF 10 000, which is deducted from the total fee.
  • Both fees are non-refundable.
Payment Schedule
First Installment Due30 June 2024
Second Installment Due31 January 2025
Third Installment Due31 July 2025
Fourth Installment Due31 January 2026
Fifth Installment Due30 June 2026
Financing options

It is expected that all applicants have planned financing scenarios before applying for the MBA. Awarding of scholarships, loans, and/or financial aid cannot be guaranteed.

1. Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction

The Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction of CHF 7,500 is exclusively available to students who are entering the Fall 2024 intake and complete their enrolment, including the payment of the enrolment fee, by December 31, 2023. Consequently, only applicants who apply during Round 1 are eligible for this reduction. The deduction will be applied to the tuition amount owed, with the remaining balance divided according to the most current payment schedule available on our website and communicated by the Finance Team.

To qualify for the Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction, all necessary documentation (official test scores, references, etc.) must be submitted, and a full offer must be issued before the MBA program goes on winter break at the end of December. Applicants with conditional offers that have unmet conditions by the MBA program's winter break in December will not be eligible for the Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction.

Applicants who have deferred from the previous year are not eligible for this reduction. 

Note that the Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction is planned to be phased out after the Fall 2024 intake. For the Fall 2025 intake and subsequent intakes, the Early Enrolment Tuition Fee Reduction will not be offered to applicants.

2. Scholarships

Scholarships are merit-based and can be applied for during Phase 3 of the application process. They are typically awarded in amounts between CHF 5,000 - CHF 30,000. Thus, it is expected that applicants are still able to cover the bulk of the tuition from other funding sources. When awarding scholarships, we assess your scholarship essay and the overall quality of your MBA application.

Part-time MBA scholarships for the 2024 intake
Women in Business

Open to all women applicants

30,000 CHF
ESGOpen to all applicants working in an ESG-related field30,000 CHF
StartupOpen to all applicants working in a startup or early growth-stage company30,000 CHF
E-fellowsOpen to all applicants who are a member of E-fellows and met our talent acquisition team at an E-fellows event 10,000 CHF
Non-profitOpen to all applicants who work in a non-profit, governmental, or military institution30,000 CHF
GeneralOpen to all applicants based on the overall quality of their application5,000 CHF -30,000 CHF

*Scholarship categories are subject to change

Please note

Scholarships cannot be combined. For example, you cannot apply for the Women in Business and ESG scholarships. In the event you are eligible for more than one scholarship, please self-select the one you believe you are most competitively qualified for. The only exception is the E-fellows scholarship, which can be combined with one other scholarship. 

3. Loans

Candidates may submit loan applications if they demonstrate financial need and prove they have exhausted all efforts to secure funding from third-party sources, including external loan options. Our Finance Team evaluates loan applications, but approval is not guaranteed. Furthermore, the full requested loan amount may not be granted. For detailed information, please refer to the official Finance Guidelines, which the Finance Team will provide upon receiving an offer of enrollment.

Additional Loan Information

  • Our interest rate is fixed at 5.5% for all loan applicants, reflecting Switzerland's low capital cost.
  • Submitting a loan application is free.
  • Our loans have no minimum amount.
  • Your loan repayment schedule will not begin until six months after your graduation date.
  • Our repayment periods can be up to 3 years.
4. Financial aid

Financial aid may be granted if an applicant cannot cover the complete enrolment fee and tuition due after scholarships, external financing, and loans have been assessed and administered. Financial aid is need-based and evaluated in cooperation between the Talent Acquisition Team and the Finance Team, using the documentation submitted to the Finance Team as part of a loan application to determine need. Awarding of financial aid is not guaranteed.