Benefits to Employers | University of St.Gallen MBA

Benefits of supporting your employee in doing an MBA

Quickly apply what is learned

New knowledge and skills learned in the programme can be put directly to use back at work within a matter of days. This enhances a learning-by-doing approach. You can see your MBA candidate develop over the duration of the MBA.

Improve leadership capacity

Leadership skills are developed on by working with executive coaches and peers from diverse backgrounds. They are developed on a management level through challenging situations, such as convincing a large audience or expert panel during a presentation.

Develop practical soft skills

Our MBAs receive training in soft skills that are immediately useful in the workplace. These include communications skills, self-awareness, humility, ability to give and receive constructive feedback, acceptance of challenging viewpoints, and more. They become much more perceptive and sophisticated managers in the short term.

International best practices

Your MBA candidate will engage with international professors, business leaders and peers, while working on global cases and academic material. This gives you new perspectives and ideas to consider for your business.

The MBA is taught in an integrative manner, meaning that linkages between various functional units in a business are highlighted. Your MBA candidate will build a big picture management perspective and will see strategic issues clearly. 

Professionalise vocabulary

Through reading, writing, presenting and group interaction, your MBA candidate will build a strong business vocabulary. Their ability to communicate across functions, industries, cultures and management levels will improve.

Build business network

The HSG alumni and corporate network is wide reaching globally, with particular strength in the German-speaking region of Europe. Your MBA candidate will gain access to this contact base, which could result in new business or talent for you.

Work on a management challenge

During the MBA Project, your MBA candidate can work directly on a strategic management issue at your organization. You gain a direct contribution from this, and can give the MBA candidate C-level exposure.

Low time commitment

The Part-time MBA requires only 4 days per month, with the half-day falling on a Saturday. By giving the candidate these 3 days over the course of 24 months, you retain them in 100% work and keep them happy by preserving their holidays.

Convenient locations

The Part-time MBA is conducted primarily in Zurich and St.Gallen. Zurich International Airport is 15 minutes from Zurich and 45 minutes from St.Gallen by direct rail connection, with regular departures from the airport rail station.