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More Than Learning: My Transformative First Week at St. Gallen's MBA Program

19 Sept 2023


Entering the St. Gallen MBA program, my initial expectation was to "learn." However, after my first week with this exceptional class, I've realised that "learning" doesn't quite encompass my transformative experience. Instead, I've been profoundly "inspired" by the dedicated faculty and classmates who have guided my professional development and personal growth.

In this brief time, I've witnessed remarkable positive changes within myself. Through insightful discussions about the Hogan assessment with our career advisors, Luca Allaria and Dominique Gobat, I've gained a deeper understanding of my personality, values, and how I handle stress. Professor Amanda Shantz's leadership team-building exercises and business simulation game have given me valuable insights into my role within a team and how I can enhance my leadership skills.

But, perhaps the program's highlight for me is the people—my classmates. Hailing from diverse corners of the world, spanning various industries, and bringing unique experiences, personalities, and perspectives to the table, every conversation I've had with them has been humbling and eye-opening. While it might sound cliché to say that MBA classmates become lifelong friends, I genuinely believe it will hold in our case.

Just a week ago, my primary goal for the MBA was to add a prestigious degree to my resume. Now, I realise how mistaken I was. Today, my honest answer to what I hope to gain from this MBA is to evolve into a better leader and person, forge lifelong friendships, and relish every moment of this incredible journey.